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Mina Gyaru Elf: Summertime Fun - Kickstarter

I have submitted my Kickstarter project for review and I am now awaiting the response. I had previously submitted it for review, but they just now (literally 30 mins.) implemented some new rules regarding AI projects.

I had to include a budget, so I added some more reward tiers and adjusted the goal to match the increased packaging and shipping costs.

  • Tier 1 reward is a 40-image set of Mina which I have titled "Summertime Fun," this will be made available as a PDF for download at your leisure.¬†
  • Tier 2 Includes the Tier 1 reward plus a 25-piece set of more intimate images of Mina including Art Nudes.¬†Will be available as a PDF.
  • Tier 3 features a set of Four (4) double-sided cards with Mina's Art Nudes on either side. The finished goods will be mailed to the supplied US addresses. Tracking and Adult Signature (21+). Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards are included.

Be sure to check it out once it (hopefully) goes live.