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Monika's Pinup Gallery is a mobile dating simulation-inspired collection featuring a side character from the popular mobile game Passion Pit.

For a look at the original material and my sample images to compare check out this video (

This release makes good on a promise I made to my YouTube subscribers to complete the sample images I previously created. I have included the majority of all generated images based on a heavily curated prompt.

If you are interested in the mobile game Passion Pit, you can find a full walkthrough on my blog (

Contents: 116 images.


-Since this work is an AI-generated image, the women who appear do not actually exist, they are not real people.

-All AI characters are over 20 years old (prompt specified age).

-Because these are AI-generated, there may be some inaccuracies in the depiction of body parts or depicted environments.

You will get a PDF (67MB) file