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The speed of advancements in AI-based art are quite breathtaking and can certainly be difficult to keep up with.

This guide to the Catbird.AI online service will provide you with some insight into one of the more popular current platforms for generative art.

Mina Gyaru Elf: Summertime Fun
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Mina Gyaru Elf is an original character I created for a series of short erotic fiction stories many years ago.

This 75-page collection was generated for a Kickstarter project that sadly did not successfully reach its funding goals. I wanted to still offer the completed work to those individuals who graciously backed the project. So, I have compiled the Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards into this digital AI photo book.

Kickstarter Campaign

Dimensions: 8" x 8"

Contents: 65 images.


-Since this work is an AI-generated image, the women who appear do not actually exist, they are not real people.

-All AI characters are over 20 years old (prompt specified age).

-Because these are AI-generated, there may be some inaccuracies in the depiction of body parts or depicted environments.

You will get a PDF (39MB) file

The Author

Hello and welcome to my bookshop.

I greatly enjoy exploring and discovering new facets of AI-generated works of art. I have generally used the CatbirdAI and Prodia platforms to generate my images. I have occasionally explored Fotor, CivitAI, and other sites for prompt inspiration.

I have developed a few apps that are available for download on the Amazon App Store under the name AI Mirae.

Kind Regards,

Kasanje 카산제

Mirae Market

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